What is Pest Control?

Pest control is the management or regulation of a species known as a pest, normally because its perceived to be very detrimental to people’s health, the economy or the ecology .Pest control practitioners are known as exterminators.

Types of pest control

1. Biological pest control

Biological pest control refers to the control of pests through the management and control of natural parasites and predators. For example: the mosquitoes are usually controlled by putting a bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis into the local water sources. This bacterium infects and kills the mosquito larvae. This treatment has no negative impact on remaining ecology and thus the water is safe for human consumption.

Biological pest control or any other natural pest control aims at eliminating a pest with very minimal harm to the environment’s ecological balance.

2. Mechanical pest control

Mechanical pest control refers to the application of hands-on techniques and also simple devices, equipment and the natural ingredients that offer protective barrier between insects and plants. For example: weeds are commonly controlled by removing them physically from the ground.

3. Physical pest control

Physical pest control is simply a method used to get rid of small rodents and insects by attacking, removing or setting up some barriers that will help to prevent further destruction of plants.

4. Elimination of the breeding grounds

Drainage of stagnant water and proper waste management eliminates breeding ground of pests .Garbage provides shelter and food for many unwanted pests, also an area with still water may act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

5. Poisoned bait

This is a very common method that is used to control rat populations; however this method is not very effective when there are other sources of food around, like garbage. For example, poisoned meat have for long been used for killing harmful birds and wolves.

6. Field burning

Traditionally, after harvesting sugar cane, the fields are burned completely in order to kill any eggs or insects that may be in these fields. Rodents are a good example of these pests.

7. Pesticides

Spraying pesticides by handheld units, trucks or planes that carry along the spraying equipment is actually a very common method of controlling pest. Crop dusters usually fly over the farm and spray the pesticides to kill the pests that can threaten the planted crops.

8. Destruction of the infected plants

Sometimes , the forests services destroy the trees in a certain area where some of the trees have been infected with insects, this is done to prevent further spread of the insect species.

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